A Safe Dog Diet with Supplemental Human Foods

A Safe Dog Diet with Supplemental Human Foods

A Wonderful Dog Diet and What Human Foods Make Dogs Happy

When you choose a brand and type of food to feed in a dog diet, you are the sole protector for your animal and I cannot stress the important of a well thought out choice. This can not only elongate the length of your dog’s life by avoiding conditions, such as high blood pressure or bladder stones, but also make your dog have optimal health and feel good. There are certain foods to avoid for a dog diet, and some that help as supplements. There is human food for dogs that can be downright dangerous to your pup, and some that can help with stinky breath and allergies.

Protein is a Requirement in a Dog Diet

Dogs require a high amount of protein in their diet. Beef, chicken, ham, turkey, fish, tuna, pork, salmon, shrimp, peanut, and peanut butter are good options for protein sources. Pork has a higher calorie per pound than the other meats and is less likely to cause allergies. Any seafood needs to be fully cooked because of the threat of parasites. Seafood promotes brain and eye health in animals. Shrimp should only be given in moderation and without the shell.

Firstly, consider your dogs breed, age, and body type. Puppies, younger dogs, and high energy dogs will need to have a higher caloric intake per cup of food. Usually, this is listed clearly on the back of a dry food bag, and should be simple to compute. If your dog is older, you may consider supplemental glucosamine for joint and bone health. Glucosamine is used to treat osteoporosis in humans. It is ok to give your dog human grade glucosamine, but it is better to use glucosamine designed for dog consumption because it has a different absorption rate and strength than the human type.

Acceptable Dog Diet Additions

The human food for dogs that are fine to feed include coconut, bread, eggs, cheese. Coconut is awesome for a dog! Who knew?! The milk, the oil, and the fruit are good. It strengthens their immune system, fights viruses, improves stinky breath, and helps with skin conditions such as itching and hot spots. Here’s a great guide about coconut oil products for pets: https://www.mypetneedsthat.com/best-coconut-oil-dogs-guide/ Bread should be avoided because it can have preservatives that are not needed and it just packs on carbohydrates without any nutritional value, but it will not hurt them in general.  Eggs must be cooked fully if a dog eats it, otherwise it can cause biotin deficiency from the egg whites. A cooked egg can help with an upset stomach and is an excellence source of protein. Cheese is good in small portions, and since it is high in fat, it is better to choose mozzarella or cottage cheese for your pooch.

Some other surprising human food for dogs that might be beneficial are plain yogurt and honey. Plain yogurt has probiotics for digestion. Honey has plenty of nutrients, including vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and copper. It also is an antioxidant and aids with allergies because of the small introduction of pollen in their systems.

Nuts about Dog Diets

Pecans, macadamia nuts, and walnuts are toxic to dogs. Almonds are not toxic but can cause tears in the walls of the esophagus if not chewed completely. Furthermore, salted almonds can cause extra water retention and can be a death sentence to dogs with heart disease. A few unsalted cashews are acceptable for dogs to eat, containing calcium, magnesium, protein, and antioxidants.

Bad Human Food for Dog Diet

Other foods completely unacceptable is chocolate, garlic, and cinnamon. Chocolate is due to the stimulant causing metabolic processes in a dog to shut down. Cinnamon and its oils can irritate a dog’s mouth inner lining and cause lower blood sugar. Both cause diarrhea and vomiting, irregular heart function, and even death.

If a dog is at a boarding facility or in a different environment than normal, there can be changes in his or her eating habits. Furthermore, they can drop weight if their exercise level has increased but their calorie intake in their dog diet has not. Thus, to prevent this, pack a little extra for traveling, dog boarding, and dog daycare.

Victor dog food, sold in Dogma Dog Care’s retail section, is an excellent choice for dog food. It is made in Texas, USA and is a premium, five-star dog food. Make sure as a pet owner that you are always reading the ingredients listed, and that there is an analysis done of the crude products in the food. The Department of Agriculture do not only require this, it is also to ensures the food is held up to clean standards.

Management of a dog diet with their health and best interest in mind is so important. For the pet’s well being, it may be worth it to cut back on some other areas of your life to afford the highest quality of food that is high in protein. Let’s summarize human food for dogs: coconut oil, cooked eggs, and honey are great. Most nuts are bad. Chocolate, cinnamon, and garlic are terrible. Simply because you crave something and your pup is looking at you with those big beautiful eyes, it does not mean it is all right for them to try. Keep in mind the goal is a longer life together, so do your research and be strict on what he or she can eat.

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