Decode Dog Behavior

Decode Dog Behavior

Running on his bed

Dog behavior is part of human history as far back as thousands of years. Through the ages, we all ask, “why is Toto so weird sometimes?” The answer dates back thousands of years before domestication. Dogs have instinctual habits that we do not recognize. For example, when your pup runs around in circles on his bed, you may think “Toto is acting crazy again”. However, he is simply reacting to instinct. He is expressing a nesting trait from his ancestry. This behavior removes any unnecessary materials on his bed and compresses the bed for a comfy night’s sleep.

The Ball

The positioning is indicative of instinctual dog behavior. “The ball” position is essentially for safety and is a trait prior to comfortable homes. This is the notorious position in which the dog curls up into a ball and humans, more than likely, deduct that the dog is cold. Rather, your dog is protecting its vital organs, and thus improving its survival rate if the situation would arise that something snuck up on them in the middle of their snooze.

Chasing His Tail

Now, let’s take the goofiest one of all, chasing their tail. Many times, this dog behavior is brushed off with an explanation that they are just being silly, but could your dog be trying to tell you something? This action can be for fun or out of boredom, but mostly it is to warm up the joints and get the blood flowing before a sprint, their version of stretching before exercise. If you see this behavior in excess, it could be anxiety or compulsive disorder. Sometimes, it’s a more obvious reason. It could be FLEAS!

Face Licking Dog Behavior

face licking dog behavior

Dog owners have come to depend on and expect the wet kisses from our beloved dogs, the fresh face of love or, some will say, the fresh face of saliva. Well, there is some science as to why dogs lick our faces and it may not always be for the love aspect. Starting with nurturing from the mother, dogs will lick their young to clean and ensure that they are breathing. Another reason isn’t even for humans, but rather is beneficial to the dog itself. The licking dog behavior brings comfort to our furry friends because while licking, natural endorphins are releasing within the brain. That’s why your pup wants to lick you all over when you pick him or her up from doggy daycare or dog boarding.

Digging & Hiding Toys

Digging and hiding toys is a skill our dogs know all too well, and they are so efficient and fast because this too is an inherent trait. All their hard work is not for nothing to your pooch, and, when you are yelling about the new holes in the back yard, they are sitting back pleased. This is their version of a zip lock bag, the timeless trait of saving their food for later, and anything they do hide is, to them, a prized possession. They will find many treasures in our retail section.

The Butt Sniff Dog Behavior

Now to the most confusing of all: The butt sniff. For dogs sniffing the back of another dog is simple chemical communication. Through the smell present, a dogs complex nose can tell the other dogs emotional state, gender, age, health, and nutritional intake.  That must be some smell! Imagine all the conversations had at dog camp or in the play yard.

The “Stinky Dog” Smell

Dogma Pet Grooming

“Toto why do you smell so bad, I JUST WASHED YOU!” I hate to be the one to break it to you but your pooch will probably never stop rolling in poop or mud, or whatever other nastiness they can find. Rolling in “bad smelling” substances is common with dogs and they are doing this to disguise their scent when hunting pray. Luckily, our pet grooming can take care of that for you with long-lasting, pleasant-smelling shampoo and conditioner.

Hanging with the Pack

Hanging together dog behavior

Dogs are pack animals and crave companionship. For your dog’s mental health, Toto needs a pecking order. Dog daycare or play dates are good for your dog’s stimulation and help them communicate with other dogs. This will expend any excess energy that they would have normally ran off in the wild. We offer power walks that help your pup to expend their energy. The release of endorphins during exercise is true for us and for our pups.

Dogs absolutely have their own personality unique to each one, but there are common dog behavior prevalent in all breeds. It’s hard to understand your pooch and our fellow furry friends but sometimes all it takes is a little study of their nature and instincts to understand the weird things they do. So, don’t yell and scream at Toto, it’s not his fault. You can take the dog out of the wild, but you can’t take the wild out of your dog.

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