The Social and Chemical Benefits of a Dog in your Life

The Social and Chemical Benefits of a Dog in your Life

The Social and Chemical Benefits of a Dog in your Life

There are benefits of a dog in your life going further than just the unconditional love we receive from them. The benefits of a dog include social implications, chemical boosts, and psychological help.

Dogs Get You Dates

One of the benefits of a dog is the personal statement it makes. It says something about you when you own a dog. It says that you value life and can sustain it, you are not selfish, and you care about something other than yourself. These are all statements made on a subconscious level if you own a dog! And others can immediately tell that in a relationship you would be responsible, caring, and giving, or at least it seems that way, so you are more likely to get a date. Struggling in your dating life? Adopt a dog, fur real! Dog ownership is seen as a powerful indication of good companionship in the subconscious mind when choosing a mate. Therefore, try going on a walk with your new bud, and when everyone stops to talk to you about how cute your dog is, strike up conversation of the more personal nature.

Dogs are great ice breakers. You can startup conversation with a perfect stranger and it won’t seem weird if you are talking about your dog that you have right there. Look for meet up groups in your area that not only socialize your dog with other dogs, but also socialize the owners. You can also go to dog parks which can be relaxing, and an easy, free way to meet people, and also fun for your pet! Dogs also tend to get you outside of your house, so it’s easier to meet people in person, not just on line!

Owning a dog can be a big responsibility. That’s why there are dog day cares, like Dogma Dog Care, where you can easily board your dog when you are out of town or you can take your pet to day care while you are at work. There are so many options in the modern world to accommodate pet ownership in a safe and positive way.

Is there a type of dog that attracts the most, umm, tail? All dogs have had success rates. So, any dog is better than none! According to research studies, dog owners are often seen as easily approachable, pleasant, cheerful, more sympathetic and easier to relate to.

Dog Positively Affects Chemistry in the Body

There is scientific evidence pointing to the fact that dogs help us physiologically and influence basic functions in the body. Numerous studies have shown that dogs help lower blood pressure and release endorphins in the brain. These feel good chemicals, such as serotonin, prolactin and oxytocin, are released just by stroking or holding your pet.

Studies also show that the interactions between dog and owner causes positive hormonal changes to cope with depression and certain disorders that are stress related. Specifically, cortisol, a stress hormone, is reduced in production. An adrenal chemical is also released to help control appetite and carbohydrate cravings!

Dog ownership is such a rewarding experience that it is hard to simply explain in words and do it justice. Experiencing the relationship is the only way to know without a doubt that it is worth it. There are studies and stories to pass on the information, but dogs simply melt our hearts and make us feel better. They were the earliest domesticated animals that have evolved side by side with humans for a reason: because of their impact on our lives. They enrich our lives. They are companions with few words but many expressions, the helpless and the helpful. There are many reasons to chose dog ownership, and so many immediate benefits to a dog in your life!

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