Temperament testing:

  • First Step: Schedule a temperament test. First-time guests need to schedule a 5 hour temperament test for us to meet your dog. Your dog(s) must be people friendly to attend Dogma Dog Care.
  • The temperament test is like a day of daycare. The temperament test will help us determine if the dog(s) is able to socialize in the yard with other dogs while doing daycare or boarding. Your dog(s) must be pet friendly and fixed/altered (if under 9 months) to play in the yard. During the temperament test we will do a simple leash walk, test simple commands, and introduce the dog(s) to the yard with other dogs. We will look for criteria such as approach, demeanor, and response. We do not allow dominance or aggression in the yards.
  • We ask for at least 5 hours with your pup(s) to get to know them and determine all the criteria of the test, but they are welcome to stay all day. We ask that first time pups be dropped off by 9am, and we will have a report card ready by 2pm, but they can be picked up as late as closing time.
  • Submit your completed registration form and proof of vaccination at time of temperament test.
  • The temperament test is $30 for the first dog, and $25 for each additional. This price is a flat rate for all day daycare.
  • Your pup(s) must be fixed if over 8 months old to be in the yard with other dogs.
  • We do not do temperament testing on Wednesdays.


  • Vaccines are required to be in our facility. All vaccines must be adult vaccines (puppy boosters are insufficient for general population interaction).
  • Vaccines we require are BORDATELLA, RABIES, and PARVO COMBO SHOT.
  • If you dog is older than 1 year old, we require the HEARTWORM TEST.
  • You are responsible for showing proof of vaccinations; you can email vaccine paperwork to, have your vet fax it to 770-436-4343, or your can bring a hard copy with at check in.

Private Care

Additional $10/day when boarding

  • Private Care is offered for both daycare or boarding dogs.
  • Private Care means that the pup gets individualized one on one time with a handler for a leash walks every 3 hours. Private care also includes individualized yard time in the morning and at night to roam. Private care dogs do not interact with other dogs (only their siblings) or do free roam in the yards with other dogs.
  • Owners can opt for private care if they prefer.
  • Private Care Criteria: There may be numerous reasons why a dog cannot interact with other dogs, such as being unaltered, the inability to socialize, any injuries, too nervous or fearful, elderly, immature, dominant behavior including humping, or dog aggression. In all cases, our number one priority is the safety of all the animals in our care. As long as your dog is not people aggressive, we will welcome them into our facility and give them individualized attention. We do no accept people aggressive dogs.