Atlanta Dog Grooming

Out Atlanta dog grooming specialists a Dogma Dog Care are passionate about caring for pets. Our facility is specially designed to offer numerous options in grooming, including self-grooming for pet owners, a la carte grooming services, and full-service dog grooming. Feel free to stop by our doggy day care to see why we are the most trusted pet facility in the city of Atlanta.


For just $10, you can bring your dog into Dogma Dog Care and give your pet a bath anytime you wish. Our self-service bath is open from 6:30 am - 6:30 pm. You’ll find a variety of accessories available that will make bathing and grooming your pet a convenient option at our facility. Feel free to use our clean towels, shampoo and conditioners, nail clippers, tooth brush and paste, curry brush, slicker wire brush, and shedding comb.

If you’re tired of the hassle of getting your dog into the tub at home, struggling to shampoo them, and then cleaning up the mess when you’re through, we have plenty of space for you and your dog to come in for doggie bath time- and leave the mess behind. We’ll take care of the cleanup after you go.

Full Service Grooming

We bathe all flat coat and full coat dogs at Dogma Dog Care. Our Atlanta dog grooming pros will take great care of your dog from start to finish, providing the most affordable grooming services in the city. Bring your dog in for the following:

  • Rinse and Spritz
  • Basic Dog Bath
  • Basic Dog Bath Plus
  • Deluxe Dog Bath
  • Mini Dog Groom
  • Full Dog Groom
  • And a variety of individual services to ensure your dog looks and smells their absolute best

Deluxe Dog Grooming at Affordable Prices

Our Deluxe dog grooming starts at just $25 and includes a relaxing shampoo, blow dry, ear cleaning, nail clipping, anal gland expression, and a conditioning spritz that will leave their fur feeling soft and silky. You won’t find a better deal in any other dog grooming facility. Our Full Dog Groom that also includes mat removal, a breed-specific cut, a brush out, and cologne starts at just $48- an incredible deal.

Wednesday and Saturday Discounts

Along with our signature Wednesday and Saturday discounted prices on grooming services, you will receive additional discounted prices when you board your dog with us or choose us for your doggy day care. If your dog is in daycare on Wednesday, you’ll save 15% on all dog grooming services, and 15% on all bathing services after five days or more of boarding.

VIP Treatment

Best of all, your dog will love the treatment at Dogma Dog Care. Our Atlanta dog grooming and bathing specialists all have one thing in common- they love animals and enjoy working with pets. Your dog will experience caring, compassionate treatment during bathing and grooming in our facility- and your dog will look great after a bath or grooming session.

Dogma Dog Care
4790 Wright Dr SE, Smyrna, GA 30082

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