Dog Retreat In Atlanta

Dogma Dog Care is a dog retreat/doggy daycare, and short-term/long-term dog boarding facility. Bring your dogs to Dogma Dog Care for the vacation of his/her life. You'll be guilt-free the next time you have to be separated from your companion knowing that your dog is having a blast at the best dog retreat in Atlanta.

We'll Accommodate You

At Dogma Dog Care, we go out of our way to accommodate all needs and special requests, including special meals, medication administration, walk times, and pampering specifications.

Feel free to call and check in on your pooch whenever you want when they're in our care. We'll keep you updated on his/her status around the clock so you can be sure your dog is safe and sound. We'll give them plenty of hugs and doggy scratches on your behalf. Our friendly and caring staff love to spend time with animals and bond with them.

Temperament Testing

Of course, it's never good to drop your dog at a strange place, leave, and hope all goes well. Your dog will likely have a great deal of anxiety if this happens. Therefore, to help dogs acclimate to our center, Dogma Dog Care requires an initial temperament test. The temperament test lasts roughly five hours, and we're looking to see if your dog will be safe and comfortable in our environment during this appointment.

As long as your dog is not people aggressive, we will work with your dog and give him/her the personalized attention he/she needs to feel at home. First, we will introduce your pooch to a few of our regular dogs and assess their interactions. Once we see that your dog is happy, friendly, and safe with our regulars, we will introduce your dog to the rest of the pack and let them run free with the other dogs. If your dog does not play with other dogs, don't worry! We offer private care for such dogs. That's just one reason why we are the best dog retreat in Atlanta.

Choose an Overnight Stay

For overnight stays at the best dog retreat in Atlanta, you have three options to choose from: Dogma Den, Luxury Suite, and Open Boarding. The Dogma Den is a private den for your dog to relax and sleep after a hard day of play.

The Luxury Suite is a canine condo designed to remind your dog of home. The Luxury Suite comes in two sizes and mimics the feel of a bedroom at home.

Open boarding is for dogs with a little bit of wild in them. Many dogs love to camp out with the rest of the pack. Our certified Pet Care Technicians are present during all of the campouts to ensure all dogs are safe and taken care of.

If you are looking for a safe, clean, and reliable dog retreat in Atlanta, there is no alternative to Dogma Dog Care.

Dog Retreat In Atlanta
Dogma Dog Care
4790 Wright Dr SE, Smyrna, GA 30082

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