Dog Spa Atlanta

Your dog is your baby, and your baby deserves the best. Dogma Dog Care offers the best and most luxurious dog spa in Atlanta. It doesn't hurt to pamper your pooch once in awhile and show your appreciation for all that your puppy does. Your dog can brighten up even your worse days and provide reliable companionship when no one else seems to care. Why not do something to make your dog happy! Besides, when your dog feels good, you will feel good also. Your best friend deserves a little balance and rejuvenation from time to time as do you. So, the next time you go to work, drop your puppy at the best and most luxurious dog spa in Atlanta, Dogma Dog Care for a day of doggy retreat, puppy pampering, and relaxation.

Let Your Dog Enjoy Life

Dogs don't like being locked up in an empty house or apartment all day. Dogs are much happier when they have companionship and attention. Unfortunately, many dog owners have no choice but to leave their dogs alone in an empty house or apartment while they go to work. Thankfully, Dogma Dog Care provides an affordable solution to that problem that will give you peace of mind and allow your dog to live a more fulfilled life. Bringing your puppy the best dog spa in Atlanta will be an enjoyable and memorable experience for him/her. Your dog will look forward to coming back to Dogma Dog Care.

Give Your Dog a Pawdicure Today

Give your best friend a full-fledged pawdicure at Dogma Dog Care today. Our beauty treatment methods will send your dog home with a complete makeover. Dogma Dog Care offers many dog spa grooming packages, and you may customize your dog's grooming treatment according to what works best for you and your puppy.

The following is a synopsis of the beauty treatment options we provide at our dog spa in Atlanta:

-Breed-specific haircuts
-Hair trimming
-Ear cleaning
-Pawdicure/nail clipping
-Anal gland expression
-Sanitary area
-Blow dry
-Brush out
-Mat removal
-Dog Cologne

Contact Tina at the Best Dog Spa in Atlanta

All of our Atlanta dog spa treatment options are customizable. Walk-ins are welcome, though it's best if you can schedule an appointment so we can guarantee availability. For more details regarding our Atlanta dog spa, call 770-436-4346.

For dog spa beauty treatment at Dogma Dog Care contact our Senior Groomer, Tina. Tina has approximately thirty years of grooming experience, and she is a big reason why Dogma Dog Care is the number dog spa in Atlanta. Tina has a certificate in All Breed Pet Grooming from the New York School of Dog Grooming and has served as a grooming instructor of the years. Tina will give your puppy a makeover that you will fall in love with.

For information on other services, Dogma Dog Care provides, such as dog boarding, dog walking, and dog bathing, contact us today.

Dog Spa Atlanta
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