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dog training in Rochester WI

Rock’s Positive K9 Training is a top-rated center for dog training in Rochester, WI. Frank Allison is an expert in offering training for service dogs as well as in offering basic obedience training.

How do you stop bad dog behavior?

As a dog owner, when you try to change a dog’s behavior, you are most likely not going to succeed in your very first attempt. Changing bad behaviors like jumping on people, barking for attention, and counter surfing can take a couple of weeks. It all boils down to how self-rewarded your dog feels when they indulge in poor behavior.

Try to introduce a new habit slowly. Induce positive behavior in your canine by offering high-value treats when it follows a new order or obeys a command. Never fall for a begging dog. The moment you give it your attention, it will become a habit. At our center for dog training in Rochester, WI, we offer obedience training for dogs of all breeds and ages.

Why is my dog misbehaving?

Over 75% of dog owners generally complain of their dog's misbehavior. But you can change that with proper and consistent training. When it comes to dogs, they often misbehave for a reason. Here are some of the reasons for misbehavior in canines:

  • Boredom
  • Bringing a new pet
  • Lack of training
  • Lack of exercise
  • Reinforcing bad behavior
  • Canine anxiety
  • Health ailment, etc.

Some breeds prove to be more stubborn than others and can require exclusive training. Contact a professional dog trainer to teach your dog obedience training. This can help the dog adapt to its environment more cohesively.

Signs of aggression in dogs

It is crucial to understand a canine's body language and to determine if whether your pooch is exhibiting signs of aggressiveness. Dogs can often develop a condition called Sudden Onset of Aggression syndrome, which often leads to an aggressive attack. Here are some of the common signs of aggression in dogs:

  • Stiff body posture
  • Growling
  • Ears pinned back
  • Baring Teeth at you or other people
  • Snarling, etc.

Dog aggression is a serious behavioral problem. Once you spot any of the above-listed signs in your pooch, take action immediately by seeking help from a professional trainer. Training can calm your canine and help him relax.

Things to avoid while disciplining your dog

Most dog owners encourage misbehavior in dogs with excessive pampering and by offering the dog what it wants to stop the dog from begging or indulging in bad behavior. For example, if your dog begs for attention by jumping on you or by nibbling on your fingers, order him to go back to his bed and sit. If he obeys you, reward him with a treat. Avoid using punishments instead use positive reinforcement to discipline your dog.

Are you looking for a center that offers affordable dog training in Rochester, WI? Call Rock’s Positive K9 Training for more details. Provide your dog with obedience training so that he can live an enriched life.

dog training in Rochester WI
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