Please complete this form, print it & bring it with you to Dogma.
• If you do not have a printer, you can complete this form at check-in.
•If you prefer to send this information electronically, please email it to us as an attachment at

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All information is confidential and is to be used for the purpose of caring for your pet

Owner Name: ___________________________ Best Contact Phone: ______________________

Dog(s) Name(s): _________________________________________________________________________ Arrival Date _________ Arrival Time ________________

Departure Date: __________ Departure Time: _________ Additional charge applies after 1pm Sunday _____________________ Additional charge applies–$10

Dogma Den or Suite

Please circle:

DEN $38/first dog, $25/additional dog(s)

SUITE $45/first dog, $32/additional dog(s)

Is Your Dog Private Care? YES / NO Additional charge applies–$10/day per dog

Bath options: Please circle:

BASIC: wash & towel dry / DELUXE: basic bath PLUS nail trim & ear cleaning PLUS conditioning spritz scent / GROOM: by appointment

(special: 15% off BATH or GROOM after 5+ nights stay)

Walks? _____ Nap Time? ________

Evening Constitutional ($5/walk)_______ or Power Play ($10/walk)_______


All food must be pre-bagged and labeled – if not additional charge applies

Brand of Food: _________________________ Description: ________________________ Refrigeration required? Bag color and size

Portion Size:
Breakfast: _____________ Lunch: _____________Dinner: _____________

Which meal are we feeding your dog the first day?
Breakfast: _____________ Lunch: _____________Dinner: _____________

Treats:___________________ Distribution Schedule:__________________________________

If your pet is not eating, may we add something to their food? __________

Broth, peanut butter



Describe any items being checked in: ____________________________

Please do bring any bedding, toys, or bowls; bedding and bowls are provided by Dogma

PLEASE COMPLETE REVERSE MEDICATION: $2 per dose, $3 injections

Medication Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Distribution Schedule: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Condition: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Dose: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

*Dogma will ONLY accept the meds required for each pet’s stay. No additional meds may be left.

Any Special Instructions? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Who else may we contact if we can’t reach you in an emergency?
Name: ________________________________ Best Contact Phone: _____________________ Is anyone other than yourself authorized/visit to pick up your pet? Yes □ No □


Owner Signature ____________________________________________________________


Date ____________________________