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Equine Feed Supplements

Why Equine Feed Supplements Are Necessary For Horses

Why does your horse need feed supplements? Equine feed supplements are necessary for your horse because of the following reasons:

Bone development

Equine feed supplements provide your horse with the nutrients and minerals required for bone development.

Feed supplements provide the calcium needed to quickly increase bone density. Apart from bone development, calcium also helps to develop the muscles and tendons. Consequently, regular intake of feed supplements with calcium will help your horse to avoid bone diseases and disorders.

Hoof development

Feed supplements provide the nutrients required for the quick development of the hoof. And regular intake helps to prevent laminitis. However, if your horse is suffering from it already, it is highly recommended that you introduce feed supplements because they are useful in repairing any damage done to the hoof by building healthy cells.

Aids digestion

Indigestion in horses is a big problem and feed supplements are formulated with ingredients that aid digestion or prevent indigestion. Some of the ingredients are; digestive enzyme, calcium and minerals, biotin, electrolytes, vitamins, organic selenium and some other ingredients.

Ulcers and cushings are also prevented with regular intake of feed supplements.

Tendon and ligament development

Just like feed supplements aid bone development, they also aid tendon and ligament development.

Again, feed supplements supply oxygen and needed nutrients to the capillaries during the repair of injured tendon.

Fertility improvement

Feed supplements have ingredients that help to improve fertility. If you have a male horse (stallion), administering feed supplements will help to increase the libido, improve sperm count, prevent atrophy of testicles and equally prevent laminitis. And if it is a mare, feed supplements will also help it to improve fertility.

The above are some of the reasons why it is necessary to horses should be given equine feed supplements. And in case you need these feed supplements for your horse, here are a few tips to help you identify reputable equine supplement distributors;


If you are looking for a good equine supplement distributor, you should consider a distributor who has been in the business for some time. This way, they can recommend the necessary feed supplements for your horse.


Testimonials from satisfied customers will help you identify genuine feed supplement distributors. Many customers who have tried their feed supplements usually provide feedbacks. Positive reviews and/or testimonials from these customers play a role in helping you make your decision about a particular feed supplement distributor.

Professional support

A highly experienced equine feed distributor will be able to provide you with all necessary support should the need arise. For example, if your horse has an injured tendon, a professional be able to recommend feed supplements that will supply oxygen and nutrients to the capillaries in order to repair the injured tendon.

So, the above are some of the ways you can identify genuine feed supplements.

Finally, from the points mentioned above, it is clearly seen that equine feed supplements are very pivotal to the growth and development of horses and therefore, are highly recommended. So, if you are interested in buying feed supplements for your horse(s), the above tips will help you to identify genuine distributors.


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