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Horse Vitamin Supplements

Why Your Horse Needs Horse Vitamin Supplements

No matter how healthy your horse is, every horse stands the risk of cushings. Wondering what cushings is? Well, cushings is the failure in the metabolic process of a horse that makes the horse unable to fully digest fat or to build muscle and in rare cases, both.

If not treated quickly, cushings leads to the production of fat pockets from undigested fats, laminitis, depression, loss of stamina, excessive urination, irritability, bone loss, constant tiredness, and muscle soreness. So, when you notice any of these symptoms in your horse, it may already have cushings.

Remember, prevention is always better, easier, and cheaper than cure so, it is better to ensure that your horse gets enough horse vitamin supplements as a preventive measure. This is definitely cheaper than finding cure to cushings. In addition, cushings is not the only medical condition that can be caused by deficiencies in important mineral nutrients. Since horse vitamin supplements comprise of virtually all the necessary nutrients for your horse, they also prevent several other ailments.

Cause of cushings

The main cause of cushings is inadequacy or complete lack of calcium in the body of a horse. And this can only happen when the food supply of your horse lacks calcium over a long period of time. Having more protein but less calcium leads to increased acidity in horses.

Besides, horses need calcium to build their muscle, digest fat and also produce enough oxygen to cells. Without calcium, none of these will happen. In addition, the thyroid gland will not function properly.

Benefits of the supplements

Some of the benefits of horse vitamin supplements are:

    Reduction or total cure of laminitis Soreness of the muscle will disappear completely in less than a week and muscle building begins Fat pockets will also begin to vanish in weeks It reduces bile It helps to strengthen the immune system of your horse further It maintains the thyroid Improved production and digestion In fact, it prevents or curbs all the conditions mentioned above

Choosing the vendor for your horse’s formula

Of course, there are a lot of vendors for horse formula but the quality of formula offered by these vendors varies. So, you need to consider certain factors in choosing your vendor. You are better off with a highly reputable company that has been in the business for years.

This is because reputable firms protect their reputation with all their might. They usually offer high quality products. Do you think it is possible for any vendor to be in business for years by supplying poor quality formula? It is definitely not possible. So, being in business for years is an indication of quality products. In other words, choose a vendor that has been in the business for years.

You should also consider price competitiveness. Don’t be deceived, higher prices do not always lead to higher quality. So, choose a vendor whose prices are more competitive. At the same time, you should be wary of ridiculously low prices. Supplements with overly low prices often turn out to be low quality products. Apart from the fact that they may not work, they may even become detrimental to the health of your horse.

In conclusion, the surest way to identify reliable vendors and effective horse supplements is to check reviews.


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