Pet Sitting & In Home Services

The people you know and love from Dogma Dog Care are available to come to your home offering personalized, customized and affordable In Home Pet Sitting services. Some pets are happier at home. Whether your dog or cat is timid, no longer sociable, not feeling well, or maybe even a little bit old or still too young, we’re there for you and your pets needs.

About Dogma Petsitters

Each Dogma petsitter :

  1. Has current Pet CPR certification through PetTech,
  2. Is bonded and insured,
  3. Has undergone a criminal background check and has a clean background.

Our sitters are available to walk your pet(s), feedwater, administer medicationplaysnuggle, bring in the mailclean your litter box (or any pet related messes), turn on and off your lights, feed the fish, water the plants, …just about anything you may need!

We even can provide transportation to Dogma Dog Care for a play date with friends, grooming, training classes, or your veterinarian.

After each visit, we will leave you a report card on how things went during our stay. We’ll even text or email you pictures of your pet(s) while you’re away if you’d like.

Dogma pet sitters to the rescue!

We can assign the perfect sitter for your pet and location, or you can choose your own. They are all warm, wonderful, highly experienced, trustworthy men and women with integrity, who love animals and can be trusted with your pet. First step: Set up a free consultation to meet the pet sitter and go over all instructions prior to scheduling. Our process makes it convenient to schedule pet sitting throughout your pups life and see for yourself the Dogma Difference!

First Time Consultation 

Free before you book your first appointment.
Consultations must be scheduled at least 72 hours in advance.
During our first visit, our goal is to get to know you, your pet and your home. We’ll spend time talking to you about what you need and want from you professional pet sitter.

We’ll want to know things like:

 All about your pet:

• Are they playful, timid, laid back etc. Do they like hugs, kisses, belly rubs
• Medical conditions
• Behavior issues
• Eating habits, potty habits, sleeping behavior
• Do they like to walk and where do they usually go walking
• How do they feel when being leashed
• Do they know basic commands
• Daily routine

Your home:

• Instructions to get into the home
• Where to find supplies (food/water bowls, trash bags, broom, mop, location of pet, waste bags, etc.)
• Special requests (watering plants, feeding fish, litter box, checking mail, lights)

Pet Sitting Prices

20 minute visit: $20.00
• 2 visits/day $40.00
• 3 visits/day $60.00

30 minute visit: $30.00
• 2 visits/day $60.00
• 3 visits/day $90.00

45 minute visit: $35.00
2 visits/day $75.00
• 3 visits/day $105.00

Overnight stays / up to 8 hours with morning walk:
• 1 to 2 dogs $80.00
• 3 to 4 dogs $95.00

Medication Charges
• Pills $2 per dose
• Shots $3 per dose
extra dog or cat $5.00 per pet, per session

Fuel Fees Free within a 10-mile radius of Dogma Dog Care
• $10.00 extra per visit 11 to 15 mile radius
• $15.00 extra/per visit 16 to 20 mile radius

Holiday bookings

  • $5 fee per dog, per visit
  • $20 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking
  • Due to high demand during holiday seasons, an additional $5 fee is added per dog, per visit for 3 days before the holiday and 3 days after

Please book your reservations early for holidays. We will limit the number of pets we take during peak times so that we can give each animal plenty of time and attention. Please talk to the front desk to schedule a FREE consultation!

$10 Last minute reservations (within 24 hours)

We will do everything we can to accommodate your requests. If your need is unexpected and you book your reservation late, we may have to charge you a late booking fee. This will allow us to reschedule our day which is planned in advance. We’d be glad to do it for you!

For more details call 770-436-4346 or email

Please fill out the following document and bring to your next visit: