Dog Grooming

Whether it’s a simple do-it yourself bath, or a more thorough makeover, Dogma offers the best care and dog grooming options for your dog! Dogma employs several bathers and professional dog groomers. All are experienced in Pet Grooming and providing excellent service.

Bathing Prices

Our bathers service all flat coated dogs. Experts in breed specific cuts. All cats are welcome too.

15% OFF Bathing services after 5 days or more of boarding!

Rinse and spritz: $10

Clean up and wipe down. Perfect after a happy day of day care!

Basic Dog Bath

Shampoo & towel dry

Size Chart:
• Small: $15 / $12.75*
• Medium: $20 / $17*
• Large: $25 / $21.25*
• Extra Large: $35 / $29.75*

Basic Dog Bath Plus

Shampoo, towel dry, ears, nails and conditioning spritz

Size Chart:
• Small: $20 / $17*

• Medium: $25 / $21.25*
• Large: $30 / $25.50*
• Extra Large: $45 / $38.25*

Do-it-Yourself Dog bath: $10

Monday-Friday: 6:30am - 6:30pm, Saturday 7:30-5pm, & Sunday 3-5pm
Bathe your pet and leave the mess behind! All tools such as clean towels, shampoo of your choice, conditioner, nail clippers, tooth brush and paste, curry brush, slicker wire brush, and shedding comb provided.

Professional Dog Grooming Prices

Our groomers service all full coated dogs.

15% OFF Dog Grooming services when in daycare on Wednesdays!

Deluxe Dog Bath (no hair cut): $25 and up

Shampoo, condition, ears, nails, anal gland expression,blow dry, and conditioning spritz

Mini Dog Groom

Shampoo, condition, ears, nails, anal gland expression, blow dry, hair trim of face, feet, sanitary area, tail, and underneath the body, brush out, and cologne mist. 

Size Chart:
• Small: $38 and up

• Medium: $45 and up
• Large: $55 and up

Full Dog Groom

Shampoo, condition, ears, nails, anal gland expression, blow dry, full breed specific cut, mat removal, brush out, and cologne.

Size Chart:
• Small: $48 and up

• Medium: $58 and up
• Large: $68 and up

Individual Services (A La Carte) are offered too:

• Nails (dremmel): $12
• Ear Cleaning: $10
• Anal Gland Expression: $10 (external only, if internal is needed please see a vet)
• Teeth brushing: $7.50

• De-shed & Blow-out starting at: $10 add on (small), $15 add on (medium), $20 add on (large)

*Discount Wednesdays! 15% off all dog grooms when in daycare!

Prices are subject to change based on the condition and length of your pet’s coat. Please ask for your price to be quoted prior to the work beginning.

Appointments preferred, walk-ins welcome! For more details call 770-436-4346.

Tina has been a professional pet groomer for over 29 years. She received her certificate in All Breed Pet Grooming from the New York School of Dog Grooming, where she later earned a position there as a grooming instructor. Dogma Dog Care is happy to have Tina as their Senior Groomer and confident in her abilities to make your pet look like a show pet!

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