COVID-19 UPDATE: According to the American Veterinarian Medical Association (AVMA),  there is currently no evidence that pets can spread COVID-19 to other domestic animals, including people. Accordingly, there is no reason to remove pets from homes where COVID-19 has been identified in members of the household, unless there is risk that the pet itself is not able to be cared for appropriately. In this emergency, pets and people each need the support of the other and veterinarians are there to support the good health of both. AVMA Source = click here

At this time, we are offering curbside service where we will get your dog from the car. We encourage the elderly and families with small children to take advantage of this FREE curbside service.

Doggy Daycare Pricing

Full Day
First Dog: $28
Additional dogs: $18 each
Full day is over 4 hours, Mon-Sat

Half Day                 
First Dog: $18
Additional dogs: $13 each
Half day is less than 4 hours, Mon-Sat

Discount Wednesday : First Dog $22, Additional dogs: $18 each
Enjoy discounts for mid-week play at Dogma to release built up energy. Civil servant discounts do not apply.

Temperament Test
$30 for each dog
$25 for each additional dog
Temperament testing is required for all dogs to attend daycare and/or boarding. The temperament test will done on the first visit and must be done prior to boarding. We do not do temperament testing on Wednesday as it is our discount day and we do not introduce dogs to the yard on higher capacity days. Temperament testing is only done by appointment. We sometimes allow temperament testing on Saturdays depending on the capacity. Please bring your dogs (1) proof of vaccinations and (2) the Boarding and Daycare Agreement to your appointment.

Get Discounts On Our Daycare Packages!

Full Day Package Price :

First Dog: Use on:Daily CostTotal CostSavings
5 Full DaysAll regular days$27.50$137.50$5.00
10 Full DaysAll regular days$27.00$270.00$10.00
20 Full DaysAll regular days$25.00$500.00$60.00
30 Full DaysAll regular days$23.00$690.00$150.00
Each Additional Dog:Use on:Daily CostTotal CostSavings
5 Full DaysAll regular days$17.50$87.50$2.50
10 Full DaysAll regular days$17.00$170.00$10.00
20 Full DaysAll regular days$16.50$330.00$30.00
30 Full DaysAll regular days$16.00$480.00$60.00

There is no package price for half days (dogs attending less than 4 hours).

Additional Fees

Late Pick Up Charges
There is no charge for the 15 minute grace period after closing if you have given notification/ called the front desk and spoken to someone. Dogma Dog Care reserves the right to deny any late pick up requests if we are unable to provide a staff member to stay past regular business hours.  

To schedule a late pick up, it must be requested with 24 hours notice.

  • 30 minutes past closing: $15 additional cost
  • 1 hour past closing: $20 additional cost

No show fee for a scheduled late pick up: $25 + boarding cost

  • Monday – Friday there is no pick ups past 7:30 pm. Late pick-up appointments must be made with 24 hour notification by request.
  • Saturday there is no pick ups past 7:00pm. 
  • All late pick ups  must be paid for by 5:00pm Monday-Friday or by 4:00pm on Saturdays. Late pick ups are not available on Sundays.

Power Walks

Sign up today and treat your dog to 30 minutes of Power Play while at dog daycare or boarding! When playtime is not enough, sign up for 30 minute Power Walks! Power walks provide super active dogs with more exercise and individualized attention. They are also perfect for dogs in training who need practice on the leash. Your pet(s) will receive a vigorous 30-minute walk with a caregiver in addition to group play or private care. ONLY $10

If that doesn’t wear them out…nothing will! 

Pet Taxi

Are you running out of time? We make it even easier to get your pet to Dogma!

We’d be happy to come to your home to pick-up and/or drop-off your pet in our Dogma van. We’ll drive a 10-mile radius from your door to our door and back again. Additional charges apply if further than 10 miles.

  • $20*  one way
  • $40.00* round trip

 *Wait charge may apply. Please ask for details.

Please call our front desk representative to make reservations 770-436-4346.