Temperament Test Questionnaire

All information is confidential and is to be used for the purpose of caring for your pet

Scan completed document and email to or fax to 770-436-4343
A representative will contact you within one business day to review and schedule a temperament test.

Client Information:

Last Name ____________________________ First Name _________________________

Preferred Phone _______________________ Other Phone _________________________

Best Time to Call _______________________

How did you hear about Dogma Dog Care? ________________________________________

Current Client Referral / Client Last Name ______________ First Name ________________

Pet Information:

Pet Name ______________________ Breed ____________________ □ Male □ Female

Is your dog currently vaccinated against: □ Heartworm □ Rabies □ Bordatella □ DHLPP

□ Spayed or Neutered

Has your dog attended daycare or boarded at other facilities? Y/N If so, where? _________________________________________________________________________

Provide information on your dog’s temperament observed around other dogs __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Describe your dog’s temperament observed around humans __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please note: Temperament Tests are performed Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday, only. Your dog must arrive at Dogma Dog Care prior to 9:00am and will be ready for pick-up after 2:00pm.

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