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Answer the questions below as they apply to your dog to the best of your ability. These will help you to determine the best training package for you and your dog. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, send it to us and we will contact you with more information.

First Name _____________________________________________________________

Last Name _____________________________________________________________

Email _________________________________________________________________

Phone ________________________________________________________________

Dog’s Name _________________ Breed ___________________________ Age/Sex _____

Why did you choose this breed? _______________________________________________

Other Pets in Household _____________________________________________________

Other People in Household ___________________________________________________

Occupation/Time spent outside home ___________________________________________

Veterinarian _____________________________________________________________

Medical Problems/meds/allergies ______________________________________________

Brand of Food _______________ How many times per day? ___ What times is dog fed? _______

Eat right away/finish meals? □ YES □ NO

If NO, please explain __________________________ Other treats/snacks & how often ________

Where was dog obtained? __________________________________ How long ago? ________

Housebroken? _____ Crate trained? _____ Where does dog sleep? _______________________

% time indoor/outdoor? _____ Where kept when owner is gone? __________________________

Exercise Type/Frequency _______________ Equipment used on walks _____________________

Any previous training? □ YES □ NO
Behaviors dog knows/training methods used/trainer _______________________________________________________________________

How would you describe your dog’s interaction with other dogs? Circle all that apply:


How would you describe your dog’s interaction with people? Circle all that apply:


Has your dog shown any aggression? Definition: Growling, barking, lunging, nipping, biting, stalking, guarding, avoidance

□ Yes □ No

Has your dog bitten before?  (includes nipping)

□ Yes □ No

Does your dog have anxiety? Definition: Shaking, constant crying, howling, barking, excessive drooling, running away from stress

□ Yes □ No

Is your dog submissive or dominant?  Definitions: Submissive – rolls over exposing belly or laying down when approached by people or dogs. Dominant – approaches people or dogs in a confident, confrontational manner, tries to mount or pin other animals down.

□ Submissive  □ Dominant 

What is your training goal?

On-leash trainingOff-leash training
Companion Dog TrainingTherapy Dog Training
Problem solvingEmotional Support Dog Training
Service Dog TrainingCanine Good Citizen Training

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